About Parmesan

Parmesan (PARsing Mathematical Entities Search And Navigation) is an experimental search system for mathematical concepts, specifically in category theory. The system was created in 2023 by Jacob Collard, Valeria de Paiva, and Eswaran Subrahmanian. The basic idea behind it is that a newcomer to the field may come across unfamiliar concepts and wish to find out more about them. This isn't limited to just learning their definitions or proofs, but also includes finding examples that highlight how they are used in real mathematical texts.

Parmesan has been presented at two scientific conferences: W-NUT 2022 and 4LR 2023. Correspondingly, we have two preprints describing the functionality of Parmesan as well as our broader findings on working with mathematical text. Both of these are available on arXiv.

The presentation at W-NUT 2022 is available as a recorded video, presented by Jacob Collard.